Responsible purchasing

To ensure we are able to offer quality assured and sustainable products, our purchasing is centralized. For us, long-term relationships with our suppliers is key to this work.

Code of Conduct for Suppliers

We have also developed our own code of conduct for suppliers. The code contains requirements on compliance with human rights and internationally recognized conventions and national legislation. In cases where we enter in agreements with agents, we impose equally high demands. We regularly visit our suppliers and if deviations from our requirements are discovered, our approach will be aimed at working together with these suppliers to improve. In the event of gross or repeated deviations from the code of conduct, cooperation can be terminated.

We also work with Amfori BSCI, where Grolls has been a member for some time. In association with Swedol’s acquisition of Grolls in 2016, Swedol suppliers were also required to sign the Amfori code of conduct and be subject to the audit program the initiative offers. Our aim is for all of our suppliers to be covered by Amfori BSCI or equivalent systems to further develop our supplier work in the future.