Materiality analysis and stakeholders

Swedol strives to take responsibility and create value throughout the whole chain. The positive and negative impact that the group has on people, the environment and society arises both within and outside our own operations.

Identifying important issues

Swedol has identified its most important stakeholders as customers, employees, owners and investors, union organizations, society and suppliers. A regular dialog is maintained, tailored to each respective stakeholder group.
To further develop and improve the sustainability work done within the Group, Swedol implemented an updated stakeholder dialog in 2017. Several Swedol customers and owners have reflected on and prioritized important sustainability aspects. This stakeholder dialog has, together with a review of which demands and expectations the world around us specify, formed the platform for an updated materiality analysis.

Via this analysis, Swedol’s management group has identified the Group’s most important sustainability issues, based on risks and opportunities. These issues have since been noted by the board. Establishing a sustainability report that is integrated with the annual report, increases transparency and enables a greater understanding of the environment impact of different parts of the value chain. For the 2017 annual report, Swedol has chosen to apply the new GRI framework. The Report has been produced in line with the Global Reporting Initiative Standards for Sustainability Reporting (2016) at applicability level Core. A complete GRI Index is published on the Swedol website.

Swedol’s material sustainability issues

  • Customer service
  • Profitability and growth
  • Attractive employer
  • Product liability via quality and safety
  • Chemicals
  • Logistics optimization
  • Support customers in reducing their own environment impact
  • Leadership
  • Training and skills
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Working conditions/human rights in the supplier chain
  • Anti-corruption