Swedol’s share capital amounts to MSEK 12.5 divided into 1,820,000 A shares with 10 votes per share and 81,380,000 B shares with 1 vote per share. All shares have equal rights to dividends.

Swedol shares closed at SEK 31.40 per share on 28 December 2018, the last trading day of the year. Since the flotation in June 2006, Swedol shares have risen 214 percent. Over the same period, the OMX Stockholm PI-index has risen by 77.1 percent. Swedol shares traded at a highest price of SEK 35.30 (in March) and a lowest price of SEK 25.20 (February) for the year. The share price rose 7.9 percent in 2018 while the OMX Stockholm PI-index fell by 7.7 percent. If Swedol A shares are assumed to have the same value as the B shares, the company had a market capitalization of MSEK 2,612 at the end of 2018.