The nomination committee

The nomination committee ahead of the 2019 Annual General Meeting has, in accordance with the guidelines for the nomination committee, resolved by the 2018 AGM, consisted of the following representatives of the three largest shareholders by voting rights in the company as of the last day of September 2018: Peter Hofvenstam (Nordstjernan AB), Yvonne Sörberg (Handelsbanken Fonder), and Rolf Zetterberg (FW Förvaltning AB). At the nomination committee constitutive meeting of 21 December 2018, it was resolved to appoint Yvonne Sörberg as chair of the nomination committee.

Peter Hofvenstam is a board member of Swedol and has a dependence in relation to the company’s largest shareholder. According to the Code, board members can be appointed to the nomination committee but in such
cases, they may not form a majority of nomination committee members. If more than one board member were to be a member of the nomination committee, the Code requires that no more than one of them may have a dependence in relation to larger shareholders in the company.