Scalable business model

Right range

The group offers customers a broad and attractive range tailored to the needs and preferences of professional users. The range combines breadth with innovation within selected categories that are especially important for our customers. The range consists of both our own and external brands to provide an attractive and competitive product mix. Our products are characterized by high quality, value for money and product safety, combined with a good level of service and availability.

Efficient processes

Swedol pursues continuous improvement work with the aim of making every part of our business more efficient and to ensure reliable and efficient goods flows. Efficient and responsible processes across the entire value chain can assure long term sustainable and profitable growth. The group is organized into two divisions; Workwear and Personal Protection and Tools and Supplies that leverage the benefits of a common platform with scalable advantages in key areas such as purchasing, logistics, sales, finance and IT. This division is designed to enable increased specialization where sales and range work go hand in hand, to strengthen our processes and enhance efficiency. One prioritized area where Swedol sees good opportunities for greater efficiencies is to leverage the oppor tunities of digitalization. Increased digitalization has the potential to create greater competitiveness and make the group more efficient across the board, including our internal processes.

Omnichannel sales

A clear omnichannel concept is the starting point for all interaction with customers regardless of concept brand. Whether customer contact occurs in store, via field sales personnel or online, we offer a coherent concept with the same demands on service and quality. Our concept brands, Swedol, Grolls, Univern and Nima complement each other and create a combined offer with greater breadth and depth than each individual concept. The group’s omnichannel sales are complemented by a partner network of selected retailers.

Focus on professional users

Sound knowledge of the everyday needs and challenges of professional users is at the heart of Swedol’s business. With the goal of being a complete one-stop supplier to professional users, Swedol targets the professional market with a range tailored to five prioritized customer groups. By working close to customers on an everyday basis, Swedol has a good understanding of their needs and can tailor sales and marketing effectively via different concept brands