Strategic goals

Swedol’s five strategic goals and an overall strategic goal of digitalization provide our organization with guidance as to how we shall work to achieve our vision. The group’s quality and sustainability work is an integrated part of our strategic governance and monitoring.

We shall generate profitable growth via organic growth and acquisitions

We aim to grow organically by such steps as opening new stores, broadening our product portfolio and driving sales digitally. Stores and digital channels complement each other in an omnichannel concept that offers customers high accessibility and service to enable them to benefit from our offer in the way that suits them. We have strengthened our sales focus in our organization and aim to increase our share of our customer base purchases. To complement this organic growth, we are going to implement and integrate acquisitions in a structured way.

We shall develop attractive and differentiating offers for our selected customer groups

Our focus is on small and medium size enterprises. We shall work actively with customer segmentation to deepen our customer relationships and continuously develop our product and service offer. In the categories that are important for our prioritized customer groups, we shall have an innovative offer and excellent know-how – we are the multispecialist for professional users.

We shall have strong partnerships with external suppliers, while at the same time developing our own brands to strengthen our customer offer and improve our margins.

We shall have efficient and quality assured processes

We shall have an efficient and scalable platform with reliable product flows. Digital tools and flows shall be used for high efficiency both internally and externally

We shall be a genuinely sustainable company

We shall minimize the group’s environment impact and support our customers to make sustainable choices. We shall actively specify requirements on our products and suppliers and monitor these from a quality and sustainability perspective. The working environment shall be continuously improved.

We shall be an attractive employer with enthusiastic and knowledgeable employees

We shall have a strong common culture with clear leadership and management by objectives. Our employees shall have regular opportunities for personal development.

We shall leverage digitalization opportunities

An overarching strategic goal is to leverage the opportunities digitalization offers across all our five strategic goals and that it is used as an important tool in all of them. We seek to increase sales by offering our customers high accessibility, good service and new added value services while simultaneously working to increase internal efficiency and reach out to and engage all our employees. We also strive to reduce our environment impact by digitalizing and simplifying physical flows.