Tools and Supplies

Swedol’s Tools and Supplies Division is a complete supplier for professional users within the product categories Tools, Supplies, and Farming and Forestry. The range combines breadth with depth within selected categories that are especially important for our customers.

A multispecialist for professional users

Our Tools and Supplies Division brings together the group’s business within product categories, Tools, Supplies, Farming and Forestry. The Tools and Supplies Division is an innovative multispecialist within a number of important product categories. A broad base range that combines value for money with quality to cover the fundamental requirements of professional users. The offer is complemented by selected premium categories that are important for prioritized customer groups, which very largely consist of small and medium size enterprises. The offer also includes services designed for professional users. All normal stores in the Swedol chain offer hose crimping and chain manufacture. There is also a central service workshop for tools and machinery, and calibration of lasers and torque wrenches is also offered.

One of the key strengths of both the division and the group is knowledge and commitment. Many of the division’s products put high demands on the specific technical expertise of employees in order for them to be able to assist customers in making the right choice of products, providing advice and service. Our employees are therefore trained in product application areas and maintenance to ensure customers get the best possible service. Being a complete partner to customers, strengthens the division’s competitiveness.

Meeting customer expectations calls for a balanced mix of own brands and external brands. The group’s own label products range from advanced to more basic products and often afford a higher margin than on external brands. In addition to these own brands, externals brands are fundamental in offering customers a broad and value for money core range complemented by the best products from the foremost brands. The range is divided into three general product categories Tools, Supplies, and Farming and Forestry. These can in turn be divided into six product groups: Workplace Equipment, Fluidics, Vehicle Accessories, Farming, Forestry & Gardens, Oil & Chemicals and Tools.


One of the division’s specialist areas is Tools where the group is aiming to gain a leading role on the market. One specific investment area is fastenings, where the range has been expanded within building fastenings, for example. Fastenings is a big market and the products are important for many of the group’s prioritized customer groups at the same time, and will therefore continue to be an important investment area. The products are in high demand with plenty of repeat purchasing by companies in construction
and industry. The product category Tools can be divided into a number of sub categories. One example is power hand tools that includes drills, hammer drills, screwdrivers and sanders.

Other sub categories include Equipment accessories with a broad range of accessories and hand tools such as hammers, spanners, pliers and saws. A common denominator for these different sub categories is a high quality range that includes products from many strong external brands, such as Bosch, Hikoki, Milwaukee, Hultafors, Tyrolit and Bahco.


The division has a broad offer of necessities within construction and industry. A large proportion consists of oils and chemical products where OKQ8 is an important supplier. One specialist area within Supplies is Lifting and loads where Swedol is one of the leading companies in Sweden. As a rule, these products have a high repeat purchase frequency and including lifting equipment, load restraints plus winches and pallet lifters. Lifting and loads comprise a continuing investment area where Swedol is striving to strengthen its role as a specialist. The range of vehicle accessories has grown rapidly in recent years. Within vehicle lighting, we have an own label brand Award, that’s has built up a complete and marketleading range in a short time.

Farming and Forestry

The Farming and Forestry range is aimed at professional users within farming, forestry and parks management. The products include garden equipment, water pumps and felling tools from renowned brands such as Klippo and Gardena. One important launch in 2019 is of powerful and silent battery powered garden tools for professionals from Cramer. This product category also includes our own Nima brand with a broad range of high quality products

Ekram AB

Why Swedol?

– The service! We have chosen to concentrate our purchasing to the Swedol store in Tyresö thanks to the fantastic service. When you call them, you know you will get the help you need, from cement mixers to workwear. They are always available to talk, which is unusual today. It means we don’t have to contact manufacturers and so on. It’s things like that, that are very time consuming. They help us when we have to return things if necessary, help that is invaluable as it saves a lot of time. It also means we can feel secure in our purchases even if this were a product or a brand that is new to us.

Do you always buy from a bricks and mortar store?

–We’ve also got an online account, but we buy most things in store. Pretty much 95 percent of the things we need are available on the shelves in store. For us, it is usually quickest and easiest to pick up the phone and then drop by and collect our order. On the few occasions an item is not in stock, they can get it in store the next day. These can be special products for instance, such as specialized nuts with a certain strength, things that we can often wait two days for if necessary.

What do you buy from Swedol?

–We buy most things, from hardhats to compressed air. There are so many different phases in transport and storage that you need a lot of everything. For us, it’s often a matter of solving problems and then purchasing accordingly.

What’s the most important thing for you when purchasing?

– The most important thing for us is price and quality. In the case of clothes and shoes, we stick to Gesto as the prices are good and our employees like them. The clothes are comfortable and the quality is good. It is important that clothes move with you and don’t feel restrictive. When you are working, you don’t want your clothes to keep getting caught, that would drive you crazy. In the case of other products, that also very largely depends on our employees. Good quality products make for happier employees who work better and stay healthier. The right tools are important to avoid repetitive strain injuries. So if one of our workers has been using Hitachi for years and thinks that is what’s best, we buy that.

Do you use any of Swedol’s services?

– Yes, we get our corporate logo printed on our workwear as it is important that customers can easily see that our employees represent us. It is important to avoid uncertainty so customers know who they can ask. Plus, we improve and repair chains that are used in lifting, and we press our hydraulic hoses when necessary.