Concept brands

Swedol interfaces with customers via four concept brands. Via a broad store network and e-commerce, Swedol, Grolls, Univern and Nima cover the markets in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Estonia.

One integrated company — four concept brands

The group offer is collated within four concept brands; Swedol, Grolls, Univern and Nima. Stores and e-commerce are managed within the concept brands in order to deliver a specialized offer tailored to the needs and preferences of customers. Five new stores were opened in 2018 and five stores integrated.

The total number of stores at the end of the year was 99 (99). The concept brands gain the benefits of economies of scale within key areas such as purchasing, logistics, sales, finance and IT. Over the past few years, Swedol
has focused on creating a scalable platform and now has a common business system and pricing system in place within a legal entity in Sweden. This means, for example, that customers can shop all concept brands and receive one invoice. During the year, work to integrate our Swedish websites on one common e-commerce platform was started. This means, for example, that customers can toggle between the websites and shop for all concept brands in a common shopping basket.


Under the Swedol brand, 49 stores operate in Sweden and five in Norway, plus e-commerce in the respective countries. Swedol is a multispecialist that offers professional users a broad core range complemented by innovative products within selective product categories. This breadth covers most of the needs of our prioritized customer groups while leading products that are especially important are available within selected innovative categories. The offer is characterized by quality combined with value for money plus a broad range of services and closeness to customers.

In 2018, five leases were signed for newly established stores in Sweden and two leases for new stores in Norway, which represents one of the largest investments in expansion of the store network to date for Swedol. In addition, roll-out of the group’s new shop-in-shop-concept was initiated in which a Grolls center is an integrated part of a Swedol store. This new store concept means customers can take advantage of the group’s combined offer under one roof.


Grolls is a leading Nordic specialist within workwear and personal protection. Under the brand, 26 stores operate in Sweden, five in Finland and one in Estonia, plus e-commerce in the respective countries. The store network is currently being updated in line with a new store concept aimed at enhancing the customer experience. This new store concept is more in line with the other concept brands and will gradually be introduced in stores in the next couple of years.

In 2018, the first Grolls centers were introduced within the parameters of the group’s shop-in-shop-concept and at the end of the year, seven Grolls centers had been integrated into Swedol stores. Grolls centers play an important part in sales of this concept brand in addition to the dedicated stores and will eventually become more important as more Grolls centers are introduced in the next few years.


The Univern concept brand includes 13 stores and e-commerce in Norway plus a broad partner network with good coverage across the whole of Norway. Univern is a specialist within workwear and personal protection with a strong brand on the Norwegian market. The store network and e-commerce are the group’s biggest sales channels in Norway. During the year, a lease was signed for the group’s first new store housing both Swedol and Univern. An integrated store was previously opened in Sandnes. By bringing together Univern’s unique range of workwear and Swedol’s range of tools and supplies, customers are able to concentrate more of their purchases to one store.


Our Nima concept brand offers a specialized range within farming and forestry in Sweden. Sales are mainly effected via e-commerce and mail order.